what they are instead of

As a part of Martin Gropius Bau’s festival Down to Earth Initiated by Thomas Oberender

co-curated by Julia Badaljan, Thomas Oberender, Anja Predeick, Tino Sehgal, Jeroen Versteele.

Over the course of four days, Angela Schubot and Jared Gradinger offered a durational, performative ritual with song, whispers, bodies, seeds, bulbs and worms to create a self sustainable garden on the Südplatz at Gropius Bau, that celebrates the arrival of the seasons. It is a re-wilding project; promoting bio-diversity and inviting the institution to give up habitual  ways of maintaining ‘property’ to create a more conscious relation to land custodianship in public spaces. How can we initiate things with love and purpose and then simply let them be? Continuing  their co-creative work with Nature and of decentralizing the human in performative and regenerative situations, this garden intends to be a wild field, requiring little to no maintenance, offering native seasonal flowers an untouched urban space to bloom and fulfill their mandate.

The garden is for the plants, insects, birds, elementals and humans and will be growing for many years.

Initiated by Gradinger/Schubot in Collaboration with Nature in August 2020