Angela Schubot is a dancer, artist, choreographer, practice-led researcher and bodyworker-healer based in Berlin with roots in Canada and Peru.

Since 2012 her artistic practice has been researching and developing methods and possibilities to acknowledge non-human principles and beings and to interact with them. These works and practices include solo works, a.o. the trilogy “Körper ohne Macht” (body without power) 2015, and long term research projects, a.o  MOSSBELLY  in collaboration with Shelley Etkin, developing "bodies of multiplicity“ in deep communion with plant nature.


She is co-founder of the former group Two Fish (2000–2012) together with Martin Clausen. Since 2009 she works with Jared Gradinger, developing pieces about the debordering of the body. Since 2017 Gradinger/Schubot include non-human bodies in their work and co-create with plant nature.


Since 2011 she has been exploring her "body of sensuous", its inner movements and the autonomous principles inside and outside our bodies that move us. Out of this research she created techniques of "Radical Softness", "Flow Work" and a specific way of working with plant consciousness. From 2013 - 2017 Schubot completed her training as a body- and fascia therapist according to the „Method Danis Bois“ and is a certified therapist for Craniosacral Therapy. Schubot teaches, and coaches a.o. at ImpulsTanz Wien, Hochschulübergreifendes Zentrum Tanz HZT-Berlin, Toronto Dance Community Love-in, Duke University Durham, HfS Ernst Busch Berlin and University of the Arts Helsinki and accompanies artists and rehearsal processes through her body- and healing work.


"We can develop other bodies that make a completely different economy of being together possible.  And I am asking the system question.  But from within.  And from a reciprocity with what is non-human. In us and around us. I'm looking for a real alternative that doesn't have to be dystopia. Beyond spiritual exaltation and ecological exploitation; a dissolution of the ego to the world; a posthuman act of equality of all life."