angela schubot is a dancer, artist, choreographer, researcher and bodyworker-healer based in berlin. she does solo works, most recent the trilogy “Körper ohne Macht” (bodies beyond power, 2015) and is co-founder of the former group Two Fish (2000–2012) together with martin clausen. since 2009, she works with jared gradinger, developing pieces about the debordering of the body. since 2017 gradinger/schubot include non-human bodies in their work and co-create with plant nature. from 2011–2015 she worked with and for margrét sara gudjónsdóttir and began a new collaboration with robert steijn in 2016. in addition to her most continuous collaboration partners, she is deeply influenced by the artists rosalind crisp and benoît lachambre.

schubot teaches movement research and coaches a.o. at DOCH/University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, ImPulsTanz Wien, HZT-Berlin and SMASH Berlin. she has developed a body state that resonates with the inner flow in her body and other bodies; an interest that was deepened by her fascia therapy education/method danis bois and intensified by working with healing rituals and plant consciousness.