TWO FISH was a free group based in berlin that created dance and theatre works for stages, apartments and other sides. founded 2000 by martin clausen and angela schubot, both dissolved the group 2012. TWO FISH toured internationally and produced their work in Berlin in collaboration with Sophiensaele, Hebbel am Ufer, Tanzwerkstatt Berlin, Tanzfabrik Berlin and Tanztage Berlin.


i was lucky to meet martin in 2000 and we shared 12 years of working together artistically.

these have been crazy and beautiful and strange and truly inspiring times and no writing in the world can capture the depth and thickness and lostness and intensity, the naivety and challenges, the humor and flying highs and smashing lows and the „just moving ons no matter what“ of that time. and the endless conversations in empty theaters after the shows were long over.


thank you martin for teaching me a real curiosity in other people in their idiosyncratic difference. and for teaching me how to not erase otherness by making art but making it more visible with real respect.

thanks to barbara friedrich for being our relentless comrade and to all the others, who were there with us, created with us and supported us.



two fish (2000) Christiane Müller, Gabriel-Max-Str.2,1.OG links (2001) triplicate -Christiane Müller forscht (2002) Frau Malchart se déchaine (2003) Christiane Müller zieht um (2003) IRRE-das Solo (2003) IRRE (2004) kann man können wollen (2005) Die Freiheit, die ich lieber nicht meine (2006) progressive negative capability (2007) Das ist das und das ist das („ruhig“) (2007) remake-inbetween the slightly different me feat. the blurry friend (2007) replugged (2008) Woran ich merke, was für ein Viech ich bin (2009) perfekt (gewesen) (2009) walking my dragon (2009) Woran ich merke, was für ein Viech ich bin (zwei) (2009) Bettina bummelt (2010) Halt mir meinen Platz frei, bis ich anders wieder da bin (2011)


TWO FISH BOOK: Ich hatte an diesem Abend auf eine dritte Person Lust

If one takes away the framing and is open to the rush of perception it comes to small spontaneous revelations. Thoughts like grains of sand slipping through fingers and in the midst of it some things can be found. You can read the stories of TWO FISH like math problems that follow different rules, their scaling routes in the measurements of daily commodities. If for an example, you take the lid of your sugar bowl, it will exactly fit your water glass. It seems as if in this world everything is sharing it’s scaling with everything that is other. As if there is a cosmic entity of form and scale, in which everything either has the same length or as if the very same thing can be found exactly in the same proportion again and again in the other. This is true not only for things but also for language and everything that concerns a person in its world. Sometimes TWO FISH let this language like a tray full of dishes accidentally drop, everything is scattered around and may be broke but looks nice, maybe nicer then before. then this is the beginning of something new or maybe not, because beginning anew means to bring things in a new order, that may become too tight again and tortures the people.


The composition of movement, language and dance yields for TWO FISH a world, that seems highly sensitized if only there would not be the distance to oneself, that you always feel, you would maybe name the figures of this theater neurotic. But then, everything that surrounds us would be neurotic, the girls in the tube, that cream they hands, the couple, that just gets to know one an another and explains their likes and dislikes, the man, who does not like to be seen, and crosses to the other side of the street. Angela Schubot, Martin Clausen and their combatants practice field investigations about contact and communication. They investigate replacements and substitutions of own characteristic traits, examine inner abysm, mendacity and libidinal behavior, look at the borders of normality and their maceration, inquire moments where empathy and resistance become one. The experiments are to be continued and experience a inevitable, inner iteration that will go unnoticed until the densely woven mesh is accomplished and new gabs occur.


Claudia Basrawi, Berlin, November 2008