"The Future is the Time of Others" is a two-week collaboration between Karol Golebiowski and Angela Schubot supported by the musician and drummer Tayfun Schulzke.


The Other Who Can not Be Taken into Language - The Other as a Gift - The Future is the Time of Others! (Absolute devotion to something is always foreign. Absolute devotion always pours into the other.)

Dance: Karol Golebiowski and Angela Schubot

Music: Tayfun Schulzke




Premiere in April 2015 at Theater Thikwa

In 2013 Marcel Bugiel invited Angela Schubot to be part of "COLLABORATION, Six presentations on a theater of the future", an experiment to rethink power relations and division of competences in the theater work with "mentally handicapped". A model experiment in matters of egalitarianism: 12 disabled and non-disabled artists from the peri-pheral areas of the performing arts, six of them from the independent dance, theater and performance scene in Berlin, six of them from Thikwa Theater spend a week in Mainz. True to the motto "Nobody helps anyone", they get together in pairs, get to know each other and look for a possible form of cooperation, for a possible joint project.

Marcel Bugiel paired her up with Thikwa member Karol Golebiowski and together with 5 other couples they worked and performed together in the frame of GRENZENLOS KUL-TUR-Vol 15, 2013 in Mainz.

"The future is the time of others" is a continuation of that first encounter, this time in the frame of a theater thikwa curation.


to be continued….