«ROOOM #3» is an audio-installation co-created by Angela Schubot and Mirjam Sögner, which blends and brings to life the narratives of existing and fictional landscapes.


The work is dedicated to light, shadow, soil and plant beings and we can’t wait to have you join us in the world we have created.


Recorded voices lead the listeners through different climate zones and to remote corners of the earth, to experience vast stretches of land and delicate specimens of plant life. Listeners are invited to dig down into the earth and grow up towards the light. Their attention travels, each following their own individual responses to these real and imagined sensual experiences – meandering, touching and being touched – between far-flung outer spaces and a constantly changing personal inner world within the body.


«ROOOM #3» is the third edition of «ROOOMS», a four-part series of events in various Berlin venues and formats, generating spheres of experience beyond the traditional, performer-oriented theatre context. Initiator Mirjam Sögner collaborates with a different choreographer on each edition.

Concept & Artistic Director ROOOMS Series: Mirjam Sögner

Creation ROOOM #3: Angela Schubot  & Mirjam Sögner

Sound: Samuel Hertz

Production: Diethild Meier