“brothers” is a performance by Angela Schubot and Robert Steijn in which they move through different altered states of mind and body. From a conventional perspective, ‘brothers’ could be seen as a dance in limbo, it is all about taking time and having an attention for details. From an ecological view, ‘brothers’ could, however, be a meditative event, in which the dancing body loses slowly the distinction between inside and outside. “brothers” deals with the uncultivated und untamed in and around us. For Schubot and Steijn “When the forest starts to speak in us, we lose our idea of what it is to be human. Voices do not refer any longer to the domain of logic and language. Emotions get the status of a daily weather report. Thoughts become monuments of resistance. One question remains: can we stay brothers in the eye of the hurricane, can we stay in dialogue with each other when life reveals the beauty of its unmasked face.”

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Angela Schubot, Robert Steijn

Sound: Robin Meier, Angela Schubot, Robert Steijn Lightning Design: Annegret Schalke

Assistance Lightning/Technique: Gretchen Blegen Artistic Advise: Sigal Zouk

Press & Production: björn & björn


Production: Angela Schubot

Co-production: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Schwankhalle Bremen


Supported by Der Regierenden Bürgermeister von Berlin - Senatskanzlei - Kulturelle Angelegenheiten und dem Fonds Darstellende Künste.


Premiere 2 February 2017

We are there, very close to the podium with the monochrome purple frayed Persian carpet, the two figures sunk in deep sensibility, the woven light; But we're not there either, we're being meditated away. Dear audience, I love you, but I´ve chosen meditation. No problem, it would not be bearable otherwise, no, it would not even be happening how the bodies of two people - one marked as a fragile, young woman the other as an aged man - give what they are not able to give each other. Two voluntarily strayed, which set their being marked still-lively as the last trace, then descended, flow out: ghostly pale bodies, that are dragged by the swarming consciousness in a starless night like the termites drag their food. If we ever are there as well—at this level of somatic inversion,

Four point Five: Writing on Dance