Part 3 of the Solo-Trilogy Körper ohne Macht


Can there ever be a body that exists beyond power? A body that neither loses itself  in the other nor continues its self in the other? In „Körper ohne Macht“, the final piece of the eponymous solo trilogy, Angela Schubot embarks on a search for a debordered body of "non-power" and the experience of physical continuity without power.


If "In the blind Spot," as the first part of the trilogy puts the exhausted body at its center, which, in the second part "The Fire from within," receives an conjuring healing, Schubot now makes a body perceivable, that escapes the holds of power and wants more than itself. A body that can´t but open up more and more and that becomes one with its inner and outer surroundings.


the inside is the outside is the inside.

Choreography, Performance: Angela Schubot

Dramaturgy: Robert Steijn

Outside-Eye: Sigal Zouk

Artistic collaboration: Barbara Berti, Lea Kieffer, Jared Gradinger

Sound: Jassem Hindi, Tian Rotteveel

Light: Martin Beeretz

Costume: Heidi Müller

PR & production: björn & björn


A production by Angela Schubot, co-produced by SOPHIENSÆLE, HAU Hebbel am Ufer, CDC Uzès Danse, Theater Freiburg, MDT Stockholm, Schwankhalle Bremen, ImPulsTanz Wien, Kul-turkosmos Müritz e.V.

Funded by the Capital Cultural Fund in Berlin. Supported by Tanzfabrik Ber-lin, ada Studio & Bühne für zeitgenössischen Tanz and Uferstudios.


Premiere: 4 December 2015, HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin

The body that Schubot draws escapes access as a "knowledge object" (Michel Foucault). With it, neither a beauty contest nor a war can be won - maybe not even a realization. "Körper ohne Macht" is an attempt to occupy nothing and nevertheless be. `

___tanz, january 2016